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The Opening of Dapeng Bay International Circuit

Dapeng Bay International Circuit & Delta Motorsport Driving Centre inaugurated on July 14th. Mr. Joseph Liao attended the ceremony as the sponsor, to witness the opening of the first G2 level circuit, certified by FIA, and the first racetrack driving training center in Taiwan.

The center integrates display, education, testing, training, and recreation and travel, providing customized services to car brands, owners, enthusiasts and general visitors. To welcome the era of EV, the center facility meets the demand of both traditional Combustion Engine Vehicle(ICE) and Electric Vehicle.

In the center, Jonnesway's logo are exposed on the racetrack wall, next to Acer and Sharp. Jonneway also sponsors professional storage system with service tool sets. In the future, not only will car brands launch their new cars on Dapeng Bay International Circuit, but also car racing enthusiasts are taking courses and trained in this center. They will have the chance to experience Jonnesway's professional tool sets in person.

The fame of Jonnesway is grown within the domestic market. Jonnesway's brand value is recognized. Running a company for 40 years in Taiwan is not rare but building a brand and lasting for 40 years is an important milestone. Jonnesway is marching forwards to another 40 years and becoming a century old enterprise.