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Taiwan National Skill Competition 2023 (53rd)- Aircraft Maintenance

Chief judge gave a brief to the Vice president (2nd on the left)

The travel enthusiasm and prevalence of budget airlines have led to an increasing demand for aircraft maintenance. In Taiwan, vocational education system has expanded and raised investment funds to cultivate more students in this filed to satisfy the demand from the aircraft maintenance market. Jonnesway has foreseen this tendency and sponsored Aircraft Maintenance skill competition for consecutive years.

Aircraft Maintenance calls for technical troubleshooting, repairing, and maintenance of all types of aircraft, which is a high level of expertise needing rigorous quality and safety standards. Jonnesway is recognized by the most important training school in Taiwan and LTTT (Lufthansa Technical Training Taiwan). The cooperation keeps deepening along the years.

Widely acclaimed and trusted by judges and competitors, the quality and brand value of Jonnesway makes the event more professional. Jonnesway selected as the exclusive designated tools for Aircraft Maintenance Competition is also a remarkable achievement for us.

We hope that Jonnesway will continue to make significant contributions to Taiwan's representatives in the WorldSkills Competition and help to elevate Taiwan's status on the global stage as a powerhouse of technical expertise!