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Taiwan National Skill Competition 2023 (53rd)-Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

Opening ceremony - Vice president the 3rd on the left

The 53rd National Skill Competition was considered as the simulation of WorldSkills Asia 2025 in Taipei, so it was moved back to Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center. There are 2 halls. Part of the 55 skills and Junior skill competition were in Hall 1, and the skills Jonnesway sponsored were in Hall 2, such as Refrigeration and Air Conditioning.

Jonnesway professional tools and services in sponsoring the Transportation and Logistics sector had drawn the attention of the chief judge of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. We successfully expanded our service scope and developed customized tool trolly with tool sets for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning skill.

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning is important for modern society, as it covers most of people's life realms, such as household, public, transportation, business and industry. We sponsored each competitor a Jonnesway tool trolley with tool sets, which was designed according to the demand of the contest. Competitors are supplied with required tools, so they compete under the same conditions.

The fairness and impartiality of the competition is ensured. This is one of the contributions Jonnesway made to the skill competition.