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Jonnesway's EV Service Solution is ready for the coming EV era

In the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow (COP26), many countries jointly signed and committed to achieving "net zero" by 2050, including EU, USA, Japan, South Korea, and other nations. In order to achieve this goal and mitigate climate change, many countries have begun developing policies focused on energy transition and carbon reduction targets.

According to the IPCC, transportation emissions are a significant contributor to greenhouse gases, accounting for 14% of annual emissions, and 1/4 of carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels are attributed to this category, with a major source from land transportation. Therefore, electrification of transportation is a critical solution for reducing transport emissions and EU's ban on the sale of combustion engine vehicles by 2035 has been officially confirmed.

Jonnesway foresaw the EV era coming and the demand increasing over the need of carbon emissions reduction several years ago. We have developed insulated tools and tool sets which have passed the test of 10,000 volt and certified by VDE Testing and Certification Institute in Germany.

In 2023, we successfully introduced Jonnesway professional storage cabinets with insulated tool sets to Opel in Taiwan and assisted to establish the Level-2 Standard service stations for electric cars for Opel. Both storage cabinets and insulated tool sets were customized according to their specifications and demands. In addition to the cabinets, we also developed a new computer diagnostic service cart and battery lifting table.

We have shot a video demonstrating the SOP of Level-2 standard service in Opel. Hundreds of volts of electricity can remain on an electric car if it is not fully disconnected from the EV battery; therefore, the safety of the mechanic while operating the maintenance job is the most important concern.

During the training course held in May, we visited one of the 12 Opel service centers around Taiwan. Distributors have a better understanding how the storage system is embedded in the service center and our experiences give them ideas on the development in their territories.

Besides Opel, we also visited China Steel Corporation. The good quality of Jonnesway tools is attributed to the good quality of steel manufactured by China Steel Corporation. It has been established for 51 years and employed a total of 27,000 people across the group. It is the fifth largest market value company in the global steel industry! We were honored to be received by the General Manager himself, giving the presentation and guiding the tour of production lines.

After the visit, our distributors realized that Jonnesway offers excellent quality, sourced from reputable steel manufacturers. This visit has greatly enhanced their perception of Taiwan, and they have a strong sense of identification and value towards Taiwan's industry and manufacturing capabilities. This has given them great confidence to further promote JONNESWAY with their full force, and all distributors agreed to grow 30% in 2023.

The final of the National Skills Competition in July this year will be expanded and held at the Nangang Exhibition Hall. Jonnesway will also expand its sponsorship of EV tools to cultivate more outstanding EV mechanics. Jonnesway EV service solution is ready for the coming of electric vehicles.

Let’s promote Jonnesway EV Service Solution in your markets.