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Happy 40th Birthday to Jonnesway!

On Apr. 12th, we celebrated the 40th anniversary of Jonnesway at our booth in AMPA. We are grateful and pleased to have many precious guests celebrating with us, such as Vice Minister of the Ministry of Labor, Vice President of Woldskills, Chaiman of TAITRA, Vice President of ITRI, Ambassadors of Chile, Poland and Saudi Arabia.

40 years ago, Mr. Joseph Liao chose the most difficult way to do business-create his own brand Jonnesway. From nobody to somebody, Jonnesway arising among various international and local brands, harvests numerous partners around the world, and overcomes challenges caused by the global economic crisis like covid-19, material cost rising, labor shortage, etc. We work together with our distributors to conquer all barriers, cautiously and dedicatedly. Therefore, Jonnesway survived and grew. It has become one of the leading tool brands around the world.

During the covid outbreak, we had adopted dynamic marketing strategy and closely followed the market demands. In the face of the impact brought about by pandemic and geopolitics, we are grateful that we were not alone, but supported by Jonnesway family members around the world and worked together to solve all the problems.

Over the past 40 years, we constantly urge ourselves making progress. Jonnesway was the only appointed tool sponsor from Taiwan for Worldskills Competition 2019 and has sponsored National Skill Competition for 9 consecutive years. Our sponsored competitors won championship in Worldskills Competition 2019 and 2022, such as Automobile Technology and Air Conditioning and Refrigeration.

Jonnesway not only sponsors tools, enhances the efficiency and fairness of skill competition, improves Taiwan mechanics' skill level and connects Taiwan with the world, but also the cradle of champions of skills.

Jonnesway is 40 years old. We can foresee Jonnesway stands the test of time and becomes a centennial business. We are marching towards the Electric Vehicle era and implementing ESG to create an innovative and low-carbon living environment. We look forward to shaping a sustainable future with our partners, because the brand Jonnesway belongs to all Jonnesway family members.

Happy 40th Birthday to Jonnesway!