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The chairman of General Chamber of Commerce

GoldenBoat Award, given by the General Chamber of Commerce of ROC, this is the 2nd year Jonnesway as the major sponsor and the 4th year Mr. Joseph Liao in the jury since the Award was firstly held 4 years ago. The purpose of the selection is to find outstanding domestic companies with brand development potential and assist them to achieve global expansion.

Besides the existed 3 categories, ESG, Overseas Licensing, and Service Innovation, Overseas compatriot is added as the 4th this year, and there are 31 companies selected as the GoldenBoat Award winners.

Jonnesway keeps sponsoring this event, because GoldenBoat Award is to facilitate the branding, capitalizing, and internalizing of small and medium enterprises, bridging resources, and assisting them transforming. The COC aims to turn good small companies into an aircraft carrier sailing to the world.

From Made in Taiwan to Brand in Taiwan. By learning the experiences and ideas from other companies and industries, Jonnesway also keep upgrading our ability and concepts to connect with global network and improving quality and service.

Jonnesway always works on the increase of brand value and enhancement of brand power.