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Jonnesway has sponsored the national skill competition in Taiwan for many years. We are proud of being the only tool sponsor from Asia in WorldSkills Kazan 2019 and again selected as designated tool brand used in the finals of 51st National Skill Competition.

Jonnesway's good quality and service is recognized by the organizer and coaches. Therefore, not just automotive and aircraft, more skill categories are getting interested in using Jonnesway in the competition, such as Air Conditioning.

In the 51st National Skill Competition, Jonnesway is the designated tool brand for skills of Automobile Technology, Air Conditioning and Aircraft Maintenance. Our sponsored competitors also have brilliant performance in the finals.
Autobody Repair: Champion
Car Painting: 3rd place

Jonnesway has worked in this filed for years and built trust among teachers, coaches, and competitors. Good quality products and services has earned us a reputation, and the sponsorship in WorldSkills Kazan established a powerful brand image in the market. Jonnesway provides not only good tools, but also tailor- made working solutions to facilitate high quality and valuable work.

Jonnesway is also recognized by the government. The minister of the Ministry of Labor has commended Jonnesway's contributions in rising the technician level and fairness of the competition and upgrading the event to international standard.

Jonnesway will keep working to provide state of the art products and satisfy more customers in the market, together with agile strategies, Jonnesway is marching into the new era and continue to lead.

Minister of the Ministry of Labor, 2nd from the left(upper left photo), 2nd from the right (upper right photo), and the 4th from the right(under)