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The constant interaction with Missionary Institutes in Taiwan

Thanks to the "10 Major Construction Projects" 40 years ago and the establishment of Hsinchu Science Park 30 years ago, Taiwan is able to develop the primary, secondary, tertiary, quaternary and quinary sector of economy and acquires success in each sector. We are proud of ourselves being able to make contribution to the world's development and stability with our techniques and products.

The achievement didn't complete itself overnight. Taiwan took almost half a century to transfer from a processing export country to silicon island and startup incubation island and act an important role in the global supply chain. Taiwan is among the 3 most active countries with abundant resource for startups.

The ambassadors and representatives in Taiwan have noted this tendency. They are happy to introduce the startups with creation, innovation and new business models to their countries; therefore, they welcome TaiFu Starup Association's group pitch, including Jonnesway. On this platform we are still able to approach the market in a different way during the pandemic.

The team had made pitches to ambassadors and representatives of 7 countries, Austria, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Malaysia, Nicaragua and Russia since the end of 2020. The Ambassador of Guatemala and Director of Trade Center of Malaysia also called at Jonnesway in person. All of them have great interest and would like to make referrals. Not only the ambassadors were amazed by the energy and innovation the companies showed, but also agreed to make referrals if there are any suitable entities in their domestic markets.

Comparing with the IT industry and startups utilizing AI and big data, Jonnesway is relatively traditional and fundamental, but we are opened to advanced thoughts and ideas. Jonnesway keeps evolving.