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Tools for Taiwan National Skill Competition Sponsoring

Jonnesway's tool trolley with mechanic tool sets and many other tool sets are highly praised by the coaches and contestants.
The tool sets are custom made for the contest, especially for aircraft maintenance. According to the demand of required tasks and process in the competition, we have made new combination of tools for participants to satisfy their needs for perfect operation.

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The tool trolley for Automobile Technology and Auto Body Repair is C-7DW1, the standard size 7-Drawer with knockable working table. The tool sets are designed based on the operation process so that the contestants have every tool for every step to complete the tasks.

Through the communication with coaches, we receive important information to improve the tool sets, or even the ideas and inspiration for us to develop new tools to help the contestants perform better, and these tools can be added into product lines later.

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It is the same idea we build special tool sets for specific car brands for their service centers. Not only for particular car brands, we can also design tool sets for different areas on the car such as engine bay, air conditioning system, suspension, etc.

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