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Five countries from Latin America and Caribbean & Jonnesway

  • In this October, we have the chance to welcome our friends from 5 countries in Latin America and Caribbean as one of the only 2 visited companies, Yulon Motor the maker of Luxgen and Jonnesway, in their 2-month advanced motor vehicle training workshop held by the International Cooperation and Development Fund and the Ministry of Labor.

  • 24 senior automobile technicians and lecturers from government and professional institutions visited Jonnesway R&D center on Oct. 8th. We shared the experiences of participating in the worldskill competitions including the latest Worldskills Kazan 2019 and arranged 4 sections of training to introduce Jonnesway tools. During the lunch, we enjoyed ZongZi(rice dumpling), one of the most popular traditional snacks in Taiwan, made self-introduction and had a lot of idea exchanges.
  • One day is not enough to go through all important products of Jonnesway, but the good quality and innovation of Jonnesway tools for professional and industrial markets, continuous accumulation of Jonnesway? brand value and the core of Taiwanese culture had been appropriately integrated and presented to the professional visitors. All these had made inerasable impression on them and made them recognize the high value of ?ade In Taiwan??