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  • TAIFU STARTUP ASSOCIATION held a grand inauguration in TICC (Taipei International Convention Center) on Dec. 13th, 2017 and Mr. Joseph Liao was elected the first president. Liang-Gee Chen, the Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ming-Hsin Kung, the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, San-Quei Lin, the Vice Minister of Ministry of Labor, Wan-Ju Yu, the legislator, and the top executive and academic faculty from National Taiwan University attended the inauguration to convey congratulations, including  Dr. Tei-Wei Kuo, the President, Dr. Shu-Hsing Li, Vice President, the Dean, Associate Dean, CEO and several professors of the College of Management in Taiwan University.  There were more than 300 people attended the event.


    During the conference, 9 startup teams presented their projects and business models. There was also a section introducing HULT PRIZE, the largest global student competition for social good by starting up a business which subject is selected and the winner is announced by Bill Clinton, the former president of USA, every year. 



    TAIFU STARTUP ASSOCIATION is established by a group of people with ideals. The objects are as below.

    1. To upgrade Taiwan? industries and create value by establishing a platform for sharing ideas, connections, products, business models and so on.
    2. To share, discover, integrate and exchange resources.
    3. To increase the synergy through transregional, cross-sectoral and cross-industry  collaboration.


    l   To help innovative and ambitious alumni to acquire startup fund, resources and partners.

    l   To provide experiences of new business models for enterprise upgrade or business transformation.

    l   To cultivate with executive? thinking and provide methods for performance improvement.

    l   To help match investors and good targets and reduce investment risk.




    Characteristics of TAIFU STARTUP ASSOCIATION:

    1. Resource mining. Alumni with professions are the most precious resources.
    2. A community helping members to focus and create differential and distinctive platform and values.
    3. Startup is the main concern, including new product and new business. Successful business model experience sharing is invited.
    4. The best marketplace for marketing, with reasonable platform and referral charge.


    Mr. Joseph Liao, the Founder President, has dedicated himself in start-up activities in Taiwan since 2016, leading a group of alumni of TaiDA-FuDan Executive MBA to establish TAIFU STARTUP ASSOCIATION. Many International students from Taiwan University Global MBA also have joined the association. Until today the members are more than 650 people who are successful entrepreneurs, top executives and outstanding professionals. Since last year, the association has co-held 32 start-up forums and seminars with organizations in France, Estonia, Russia, etc. The performance is impressive.


    The alumni of Taiwan University Executive MBA are the elites in the society, processing precious leading wisdom, working experiences and abundant resources. They are eager to pass on their knowledge and experiences to younger generation. Meanwhile, they are open minded to learn new concepts and involve themselves in new developments. TAIFU STARTUP ASSOCIATION is acting the role to provide chances of international exchange of start-up industries and we look forward to seeing the flourish results on this platform in the near future