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  • JONNESWAY Territory and Market Break Through in Antarctica

  • We are very pleased to inform you that Jonnesway professional tool range has marked its new point to Antarctica in our worldwide map, thanks to the remarkable work by our Russian professional marketing and technical teams.


    In March 2014, Russian scientists successfully concluded an Antartic expedition project in Russian polar observation station Vostok. Vostok is located in the coldest place on earth and holds the lowest natural temperature record, -89.6'C (-129.28'F ).


    The expedition project is conducted by Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute of Russian Academy of Science, and Jonnesway professional tools were used to operate technical equipments for the project, and once again, Jonnesway is proved to be the reliable and effective total solution for tools under one of the most extreme conditions on the earth.


    This scientific project has proven that Jonnesway products can meet not only professional mechanics' quality demand but also the fail-safe tool solution for scientists to conduct high-tech projects.


    It is Jonnesway's commitment to provide the premium quality tool for our worldwide distributors. Jonnesway R&D center upgrade old items or intruduce new products to assist our penetrate quality-demanding markets. In the future, Jonnesway professional teams will keep our promise and lead the way to explore the market.