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  • 8 Country 100 Participant JONNESWAY Training Course in 2014

  • We are very pleased to inform you that on February 21st, Jonnesway professional teams successfully finished the 2014's first training course. With about 100 Jonnesway partners from 8 different countries, the training course has exceed the 2012's record and highlighted the importance of providing the best technical and marketing support to Jonnesway worldwide partners.


    The Jonnesway professional team has made detailed lectures about Jonnesway products. During the three day long course, every participants have learned basic knowledge of each line of Jonnesway products, simple maintenance of Jonnesway professional tools, and information about new Jonnesway products.


    The president of Jonnesway, Mr. Joseph Liao, also updated the Jonnesway marketing strategies during the training course. The upgraded marketing strategies combined with product knowledge will be the most effective weapon for Jonnesway partners to face keen competition in the world.


    Besides sharing marketing strategies, Jonnesway also invited each partner to share their successful experiences in penetrating the market. The valuable shared information made the entire program not just a Jonnesway training course, but a marketing experience sharing seminar.


    To ensure every participants have acquire the necessary knowledge to provide the best service to their customers, each participant has to complete the entire trainging course and pass the final examination to be certified.


    The meaningful training course also raised the attention from Taiwanese governement as well as the academic facilities. The mayor of Taichung city, where Jonnesway R&D center is located, has participated the dinner banquet held on February 17th, and expressed his compliments to the great event.


    The participants also showed their personal feeling about the training course and Taiwanese culture during the dinner banquet.


    The three day trainging course was successful. In the future, Jonnesway will hold more training courses and marketing activiteis to provide the best service and support to Jonnesway worldwide partners.