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  • 2010 Jonnesway European Skills Competition

  • We would like to proudly share with you that Jonnesway Portuguese distributor is the major host of 2010 European Skills Competition (Euroskills). This competition took place at FIL in Lisbon from 9th to 12th December 2010. There were about 500 participants whom represented 31 countries and 50 professions. In this competition, through the recommendation from Jonnesway Portuguese distributor, they used Jonnesway tools series in the competition bays which they used other famous European brand before.

    This great event had successfully helped Jonnesway to increase the exposure and enhanced the brand value throughout Europe. We are honored to the part of this event. We believe with all Jonnesway distributors countless hard efforts on promoting, marketing and advertising, we will be one of the top tool brands in the near future. Please kindly enjoy the pictures.?