Training Courses

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  • Successful Jonnesway 2nd Training Course

    during Oct 07th ~ 20th

  • We would like to take this opportunity to share with you that there are 9 distributors from 4 different countries include Chile, South Africa, Vietnam and Romania come to Jonnesway R&D center for the Training Course during Oct 07th ~ 20th.


    During the training courses, they have showed their enthusiasm and passion on Jonnesway tools. In each training session, we have introduced Jonnesway New Tools Launched includes Hand Tools, Pneumatic Tools, Automotive Repair Tools and the advantages of Jonnesway tools line. Most importantly, we also introduced the basic techniques of repair & maintain Jonnesway tools, Jonnesway advanced global marketing strategies and Jonnesway culture & Taiwanese Culture.


    It was a successful training that we believed they were fully acknowledged with Jonnesway professional tools and Taiwan culture. And everyone left with the great confidence that Jonnesway is the right way in their market. Please enjoy the wonderful pictures below for your reference.


    Group Picture with South Africa & Vietnam distributors
    for the successful Jonnesway 2nd Training Course 2010



    Group Picture with Chile distributor for
    the successful Jonnesway 2nd Training Course 2010




  • Mr. Joseph Liao shared the marketing strategy
    with all the distributors




    Jonnesway Chile & South Africa distributors shared
    their successful experiences of promoting
    Jonnesway in their market





    Jonnesway distributors participated in Jonnesway Tools
    Training Course & awarded the certificate
    after complete the trainings


    Jonnesway Chile distributor



    Jonnesway Chile distributor signed the exclusive contract





    Jonnesway South Africa distributor





    Jonnesway Vietnam distributor





    Jonnesway Romania distributor






    Mr. Joseph Laio shared Taiwanese Tea Culture
    with all the distributors





  • Dinner Party after the Training Courses