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54th Taiwan National Skills Competition Regional Qualifiers - Automobile Technology

Sponsoring skill competition for 10 years and was the only designated tool brand from Asia for WorldSkills Kazan 2019, Jonnesway has been widely recognized by government and domestic and overseas experts. All competitors of the competition are supplied with designated tools, so they don’t have to bring their own tools and compete under the same conditions. The fairness and impartiality of the competition is ensured. This is a very important contributions of Jonnesway made to the skill competition.

Because the sponsorship has been carried for 10 years, many students have graduated from schools and started their career in workshops or car dealer service centers. The Jonnesway seeds planted in their professional life begins to grow and helps us to expand.

The preparation for skill competition has become one of our annual key priorities. When it comes to March, young mechanics from island wide have their first competition in regions to strive for their admission to national competition in the summer. And Jonnesway team always stands by to provide the best and real-time service to them to ensure that any demands for the tools will be satisfied.