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Interviews with the guests on Jonnesway's 40th Anniversary Celebration

On Apr. 12th, many precious guests came to Jonnesway's 40 anniversary celebration. Vice president of WorldSkills, and Vice Minister of the Ministry of Labor were interviewed by local TV stations, who gave their recognition to Jonnesway for its products, services, and sponsorship to skill competition.

Vice president of WorldSkills said that Jonnesway was the only qualified tool sponsor brand from Taiwan for WorldSkills 2019 Kazan. It helped Taiwan's technical level to be in line with the world. It is recognized by judges and players around the world. Through the sponsorship, Jonnesway has helped establish the SOP of national skill competition that meets the standards of the WorldSkills Competition. Jonnesway is the pride of Taiwan!

Jonnesway's sponsorship has helped Taiwanese technicians to reach a higher level that able to integrate both software and hardware hence create new value for themselves and show to the world their high-level skills, which also increases the value of "Made in Taiwan".

Vice Minister of the Ministry of Labor expressed his appreciation that because of the sponsorship of Jonnesway to the skill competition, competitors don’t need to carry their own tools, and the uniform use of Jonnesway tools makes the competition fairer. The high quality of Jonnesway tools also helps Taiwanese players achieving higher levels of proficiency and elevating their performance.

Director of the Polish Office in Taipei and director of Chilean Trade Office also attended and offered their congratulations. It is mentioned that one of the most important values of each and every company is heritage, legacy, history. It is an important part of the brand. Jonnesway can be proud of its achievement. Jonnesway is presented in so many countries cooperating with so many companies and societies. It is all about building bridges.

And the leadership of founder of Jonnesway, Mr. Joseph Liao, is admirable, said the director of Chilean Trade Office. A brand originated from Taiwan lasting 40 years is impressive. It's quite an accomplishment. More importantly, it's always people. It's people behind and connecting people, that's something Mr. Joseph Liao and Jonnesway have done. Jonnesway is one of the first cross over the bridge.

In addition to guests from the government, we also had guests from the industry field. There were many wonderful moments. Please go to https://youtu.be/JkLm9Yl_8sY to watch the video highlights of Jonnesway's 40th Anniversary Celebration.