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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
  • Jonnesway - Academic enterprise visit & FTV interview

  • We are very pleased to inform you that Jonnesway has greeted American students and German students of Provindence University on July 22nd and 30th in Jonnesway Taichung logistic center. The same day of July 30th, the journalist of FTV (Formosa TV) made an interview of Mr. Joseph Liao for the sharing of his unique business prospect and Jonnesway brand value creation.

    During the academic enterprise visit, these American and German students were very impressed with the premium quality and design of MIT (Made in Taiwan) tools. They strongly agreed with Jonnesway brand value which is "quality, service, innovation, and commitment". They asked many valuable questions to Mr. Joseph Liao and it was a great opportunity to reflect the thoughts and values of young generation. Jonnesway implanted seeds to these young hearts with illimited growing up future possibilities. Jonnesway not only presented knowledge to these students but also received much from them. "Learning from Giving" is what we acquired from these students and we much appreciated.

    Based on our honor of being selected again for the 2015 Dun & Bradstreet Top 1000 Small and Medium Elite Enterprise, FTV jounalist invited sincerely Mr. Joseph Liao to share how Jonnesway became the leading enterprise today. The journalist was very curious about Jonnesway complete product lines and was impressed about Jonnesway tool's high quality and special design. Jonnesway self-position is not only just tool supply but for the automechanic technology total solution service. The journalist asked much about Mr. Joseph Liao's business philosophy and his prospect for sustainability. Jonnesway will keep innovating for success and remain the pioneer of Taiwanese companies.

    We would like to apperciate this meaningful fruit grown by all Jonnesway partners together and share some photos with all Jonnesway family. This glory belongs to all of us. Jonnesway is the right away!